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Caroline & David

Help Caroline and David fund the ultimate wedding gift - a wedding zine!


IT’S US, caz and dave

we’d love some wedding zines®
and we need your help! 

If you are looking to provide us with a special gift we would love nothing more than a small contribution towards producing a wedding magazine containing some of the special memories that our photographer will capture from our day. This magazine will be something that lives beyond our special day and is something we can fondly look back on every anniversary. We don't at all expect to reach the full value required but would love any help to reach our goal. Lots of love, Caz & Dave x

some kind words

“Hi Caroline and David, have a lovely day on Saturday!! So sorry we can’t be there with you. Love Sam and Kate”

“Wishing you a wonderful wedding day, Caroline and Dave. Lots of love, Jules (Juliet!). xxx”

“So happy for you both. Lots of love Penny and Nat.”

“So glad you had a great day. The pictures were amazing. Looking forward to seeing you both soon. Love Jane and Bill.”

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A contribution to a wedding zine is THE perfect gift for any bride and groom in our opinion!

Once you have pledged an amount, the couple’s crowdfunding progress bar will be updated until it is fully funded. We’ll then provide the lucky couple with a voucher to apply when ordering their wedding zines®.

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