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Crowdfund Your Wedding Zines

Add an element of fun to the wedding zine process by getting family and friends to contribute and help fund your memento!

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crowdfund your wedding zines

The wedding album process just got interesting. Isn’t it just almost unbelievable that 80% of couples don’t print and share their wedding photos properly? You start to think in terms of spending thousands of dollars for what is effectively a facebook album…AHHH!

So, definitely don’t become part of that statistic - whip your family and friends into shape and start crowdfunding your wedding zines®! Once you’ve submitted your form below we’ll create a unique crowdfunding page on Bow & Arbour’s website for you, which you’ll be able to share with family and friends. In turn they’ll be able to contribute toward your wedding zine purchase, and leave an encouraging comment or two. Finally, your crowdfunding page will also include a wedding zine crowdfunding progress bar, so you’ll be able to track how things are going!

Kindly, please allow a week before we contact you with your crowdfunding page details.

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Most importantly, when is your wedding?! *
Most importantly, when is your wedding?!
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If no, you must provide a maximum of 400 photos for 200-page wedding zines, and 250 photos for 100-page wedding zines.
Tell family and friends what a wedding zine® means to you and why they should gift toward it!