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in the most engaging and authentic way possible. If you’re after some inspiration, enjoy scrolling a sample of wedding zines we’ve created for other lovers, along with their testimonials, below…


Nathan & Sheridan

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Nathan & Sheridan's Wedding Zine® was 200 pages, with gold foil. Some of their special wording included an introduction into how their wedding day started, a wedding blessing, quotes, vows and lyrics.

Wedding Photographer // Pierre Curry

Bow & Arbour Testimonials

I ordered my wedding zines in late November 2017 and they arrived within a month, in time for Christmas.

I was absolutely blown away with my zines. Sammy, my main designer, was so responsive and has a clear eye for design and detail.  Sammy took on my feedback in the draft phases and offered fantastic suggestions that took my zines to the next level.

The layout and flow of the zine is so professional and creative. I love the choices Sammy made with our images - our wedding zine tells the story of the day so beautifully. Honestly, for me this is the biggest selling point of bow and arbour zines (aside from value for money - more on that below). As opposed to other 'regular' wedding photo albums that you have to order online and lay out yourself, they will make the creative design choices for you ensuring a quality product. Add to this the fact that the zine will incorporate quotes, song lyrics, your vows and other tidbits so that you have a beautifully laid out 'story' of the day... and it's clear that bow and arbour are in a league of their own. 

Now, on the point of value for money - yes, it is a decent amount to lay out initially for ten wedding zines. However, once you factor in that each of the zines will be a thoughtful present for parents, grandparents, siblings, aunties etc... AND you will likely be left with a couple of back up copies yourself... the value is second to none.

I can't recommend bow and arbour wedding zines highly enough. In fact I have already convinced my sister in law who has now made an order herself! 
Thanks Sammy and James.

Nathan & Sheridan, Australia