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What inspired us to create wedding zines® has now also inspired us to craft honeymoons: a good story. In your story of life, we’d love for a Bow & Arbour safarimoon to feature in your wedding planning.

Weddings are as much stories as they are celebrations and we adore them being told through wedding zines. And to us it was only logical we extend those stories, ergo honeymoons!

In authentic Bow & Arbour style we will not send you to places that are common. Our dream for you is bigger than that. We’d like your honeymoon to be transcendent in terms of what it does for your mind and new marriage. In short, we’ll send you to places your friends have not been. To places free of the commonalities you’ve grown weary of. To places you’ll return to.

We’ve started our safarimoon offering with itineraries focusing on six of our favourites: Victoria Falls, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. They’re all places with myriad experiences and eclectic cultures but in all cases we have chosen locations that will give you a balance of adventure, relaxation, culture, wildlife and of course, luxury.

It might sound confident, but all of our itineraries are once-in-a-lifetime in their nature and to cap off the feel-good factor, all profits from your honeymoon are donated to the Diwa Zambezi Conservation Fund. Shall we start planning?


Honeymoon in Namibia

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Standing proudly as one of the most sparsely populated regions of the world, Namibia is located on the southwestern coastline of Africa and is bordered by Angola, Botswana and South Africa. The Republic of Namibia became so named when it emerged from apartheid in 1990 after 25 years of guerrilla warfare and liberation struggle. Since then it has been a peaceful and prosperous African Nation that relies on agriculture, mining and tourism to foster its economy. Namibia is a truly diverse nation rich in wild places and culture as attested to by the 11 major ethnic groups present here.

Visiting Namibia is akin to visiting four nations given the vast array of breathtaking landscapes that will greet you here. From the most ancient of deserts, the Namib, to the Skeleton Coast famed for its rocky coastline littered with shipwrecks, Namibia’s attractions are certainly untamed and camera-worthy. Despite an arid and harsh climate, Namibia is home to famed national parks and wilderness areas such as Etosha, Damaraland and Sossusvlei. And gorgeously complementing them are some of the most tasteful and elegant honeymoon destinations we’ve come across. Our honeymooners can explore the capital of Windhoek, the gorgeous coastal town of Swakopmund featuring shades of Namibia’s colonial German influence, reflected in the architecture, culture, cuisine and the well-known Oktoberfest festival. In typical Bow & Arbour fashion though, we suggest venturing out into the wilderness in order to properly appreciate this splendid country. 

Fish River Canyon, the vast Etosha National Park teeming with all manner of wildlife such as lions, desert-adapted elephants and the Hartmann's Mountain Zebra, the stark and arresting Kalahari Desert, and of course the Namib Desert which stretches over 2000 km along the Atlantic Coast. Get ready, it’s a big country!


Our Top namibia
Honeymoon Picks


Little Kulala

Have you ever seen those iconic and absorbing sand dune shots of varying hues on Instagram? Well here in Sossusvlei is where you’ll find them. The early morning and late evening night make for a photographer’s dream and you’ll get some quintessential honeymoon shots here. And we’ve not mentioned the most important bit… Little Kulalais the closest luxury desert retreat to the imposing dunes and the perfect place from which to explore the surrounding sea of sand.

Inspired by their surroundings, the 11 climate-controlled, thatched “kulalas”, each have a private plunge pool, and merge seamlessly into the timeless desert setting. And, given these are honeymoons we’re talking about, each villa has a rooftop starbed for romantic star gazing. 

One other thing. As if you wouldn’t want to hot air balloon over this place? Well, you can!

Stick with Namibia and combine with Etosha and Desert Rhino Camp.

Onguma the Fort

Ah, don’t we just love the Fort, principally for its unique identity.

Overlooking the Etosha Pans and hundreds of camel thorn trees, we could easily extend a platitude here and say Onguma The Fort is home of Namibia’s best sunset. 

Featuring raw walls, stunning stone-cladding and the noticeable Fort Tower with its impressive views, this location will have you mesmerised from start to finish. You might be in Namibia but the feel is eclectic. Think a combination of Morocco, India and Namibia and you might be close.

Home to 11 Bush Suites and 1 honeymoon Suite, each is intimate, private and otherworldly in its outlook. Each suite comes equipped with air-conditioning, en suite, outdoor shower and minibar in order to enjoy in the animal wanderings in front of your room.

Stick with Namibia and combine with Little Kulala and Damaraland.Chobe or Hwange National Parks.

Damaraland Camp

The Huab River Valley remains one of the best wilderness areas in Namibia and this is where you’ll find Damaraland Camp. Offering seemingly endless panoramic views of indescribable vistas, the combination of plains and mountains will leave you speechless.

While there is much to do at Damaraland in terms of rock art excursions, nature walks and drives and cultural activities, this is also a fantastic place to relax and take in the beauty around you. The 10 adobe-style chalets are raised off the ground and perfectly suited to desert contemplation. The wider camp area comprises a swimming pool, large deck and the main dining area, which is a fantastic place to share stories of the day.

It pleases Bow & Arbour to say Damaraland Camp is the result of an award-winning partnership between Wilderness Safaris and the local Torra Conservancy. We encourage a visit to the nearby farmstead to see this relationship in action.

Stick with Namibia and combine with Little Kulala and Etosha NP.

Desert Rhino Camp

You’ve probably heard about the plight of rhinos and for such a persecuted species it’s humbling there are a few places we can still enjoy in their presence in the wild. Desert Rhino Campis one such place. The property is run in partnership with Save the Rhino Trust, a local NGO, and they make rhino tracking possible. And as with all of the places you’ll stay, the camp itself is idyllic and exclusive, offering abundant activity options.

The camp is situated in a wide valley in the enormous Palmwag Concession, where rhino trackers roam and protect one of the largest wild populations of black rhino left in the world. Featuring 8 luxurious Meru-style tents and a main area overlooking sweeping plains, Desert Rhino is a place you’ll get to do something life-changing in absolute comfort.

"In this space between humankind and the uninhabitable abyss lived, and live, the last of the black rhinos... Surely it would be an amazing sight to any traveller to witness the grace, elegance and dignity with which these last rhinos inhabit the austere country that the world has bequeathed to them." - Rick Bass, The Black Rhinos of Namibia

If you’ve come this far, combine with The Olive Exclusive before heading to Victoria Falls.

Bow & Arbour Testimonial

After reading a fantastic book that featured different parts of Namibia we decided it was the place for our honeymoon. We indicated to James and Sammy that we love wide open spaces and solitude and they definitely delivered for us. Thank you!

kelly & James, Australia