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What inspired us to create wedding zines® has now also inspired us to craft honeymoons: a good story. In your story of life, we’d love for a Bow & Arbour safarimoon to feature in your wedding planning.

Weddings are as much stories as they are celebrations and we adore them being told through wedding zines. And to us it was only logical we extend those stories, ergo honeymoons!

In authentic Bow & Arbour style we will not send you to places that are common. Our dream for you is bigger than that. We’d like your honeymoon to be transcendent in terms of what it does for your mind and new marriage. In short, we’ll send you to places your friends have not been. To places free of the commonalities you’ve grown weary of. To places you’ll return to.

We’ve started our safarimoon offering with itineraries focusing on six of our favourites: Victoria Falls, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. They’re all places with myriad experiences and eclectic cultures but in all cases we have chosen locations that will give you a balance of adventure, relaxation, culture, wildlife and of course, luxury.

It might sound confident, but all of our itineraries are once-in-a-lifetime in their nature and to cap off the feel-good factor, all profits from your honeymoon are donated to the Diwa Zambezi Conservation Fund. Shall we start planning?


Honeymoon in Zambia

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Zambia won its independence in 1964 and Kenneth Kaunda became the country’s first president. Predominantly due to the falling price of copper, Zambia’s principal export, and a lack of expertise within government, Zambia experienced significant decline economically between late 1970s and early 1990s. With Kaunda removed from government and a multi-party state restored, Zambia began to recover in the early 2000s as Zimbabwe’s woes were just beginning. In fact, many skilled labourers and farmers emigrated to Zambia and the country now enjoys the spoils of a diversified economy comprising healthy mining, agriculture and tourism sectors. 

Zambia is little-explored, even by the intrepid travellers among us. It’s also a destination where you look for immersion and wilderness authenticity rather than the Big Five; rhinos are virtually extinct in the wild here. But here are some statistics that should blow you away:

- Zambia’s twenty national parks encompass thirty percent of the country’s land area

- Zambia is home to 72, yes 72, ethnic groups, meaning each region and experience is different

- Zambia has several endemic subspecies including thornicroft’s giraffe and crawshay’s zabra

We won’t mince words: Zambia is vast and probably deserving of exclusivity in terms of a safari destination, especially if you don’t want to blow the budget. That shouldn’t detract from its appeal however, as you’ll get plenty of variety. From the spray of the Victoria Falls in Livingstone, to the serenity of canoeing the Zambezi in the Lower Zambezi National Park, you’ll depart your honeymoon safari brimming with happiness. 

You might know Zambia for its big-namers: Kafue, Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa, but this is home-country for us and there is literally a whole world to explore here. We’d love to help you craft your ideal Zambian honeymoon safari.


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Honeymoon Picks


Lion Camp

Welcome to the valley of the leopard and one of the best camps within it. Of course, we’re talking about South Luangwa National Park and Lion Camp, idyllically situated on an oxbow lagoon which attracts all manner of big game. During your visit here you can expect to see healthy numbers of lions, leopards, wild dogs, elephants and buffalos.

The guides of Zambia and Zimbabwe usually battle it out for supremacy and you’ll be genuinely astounded by their knowledge levels; from astrology to dendrology, most of your questions will be answered. A standout activity in this part of the world is the walking safari – don’t worry, we’ll make sure that each camp we recommend has it as an option.

Lion Camp offers 10 very luxurious timber, canvas and thatch suites with breathtaking views of the surrounding plains and bushland. Naturally, we recommend the Sunset Suite for honeymooners. It enjoys a prime location at the edge of the camp ensuring an exclusive and wildlife-filled experience. The camp’s main area is spacious, open and breezy, with plenty private nooks and of course, a swimming pool. 

Lion is in a truly wild part of the world. It goes without saying you’ll more than enjoy your bush dinners under the stars, close encounters with the big cats, and some of the luxury Africa is renowned for.

Spend four days here before heading to Anabezi or Victoria Falls, or both!


A personal favourite of ours, we’ve had the privilege of visiting Anabezi twice, and both occasions were absorbing and memorable. 

Located on the banks of the Zambezi River in the Lower Zambezi National Park, Anabezi offers pretty much anything you could wish for. Five-star cuisine, luxury accommodation, access to four of the big five, canoe safaris, fishing days, river cruises, bush lunches and night drives all come as standard here. And we love that. 

In quintessential Zambezi Valley fashion, the albida trees scattered throughout the camp drop their seed pods during the winter and spring months, resulting in elephants and other species frequenting the camp area. It’s quite something to be enjoying breakfast while watching an elephant scoop up pods with its trunk only 20 metres away.

You’ll notice Anabezi is a larger camp than our other favourites but the tents are spaced a good distance apart and there are two viewing decks with swimming pools. In short, you’ll often feel like you have the entire camp to yourself, which is exactly what you want in a honeymoon safari.

Combines well with Lion Camp, Kafue National Park and Victoria Falls.


A big statement to make but if you had to choose Zambia’s best of the best, Chinzombo would be near or at the top every time. Situated on a looping curve of the wild Luangwa River, there is bush authenticity here despite the obvious luxury of the camp. 

Each of the six en-suite villas offers sweeping views of the Luangwa River, which means you’ll pretty much be staring at wildlife the entire time you’re in your room. That might sound scary, but somehow it’s strangely tranquil and soothing. 

As is customary for South Luangwa, the predator action here is arresting – they don’t call this the valley of the leopard for nothing. A nice complement to the game drives and walks is boating on the Luangwa, where you’ll encounter some of the highest concentrations of hippos found anywhere on the continent. 

Finally, once you’ve had your fill of the safari element, you can partake in an in-villa spa treatment (or two), and relax in the pool overlooking the floodplain with drink in hand. Sounds mesmerising, no?!

Combines well with one of Time + Tide’s bush camps and the Victoria Falls. If you have time during your honeymoon safari, the Lower Zambezi is also worth some time.

Shumba Camp

You’d feel guilty coming to Zambia and not visiting her largest national park: Kafue. Shumba is located on the Busanga Plains and is considered the premier camp of the region. 

Situated in an island grove of trees, the plains around the camp are ripe for exploration. Depending on the time of year, this is done via game drives, boat cruises and hot air ballooning; just perfect for a honeymoon safari.

Shumba’s six luxury tents come well-appointed with private veranda, lounge and en-suite. While the views from each tent are captivating, it’s the lion’s roar nearby you’re here for.

We like Shumba because in it you can see a leap of faith. This camp is remote, wild and one offering the solitude that affords finding richness in self. Finally, and as we always try to do, Shumba is focused on community upliftment and empowerment in order to minimise human-wildlife conflict in the wider Kafue region.

As with most of our Zambian recommendations, combines well with Victoria Falls, South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi.

Bow & Arbour Testimonial

Spotted the Big Five and so much more. Africa truly is a place like no other and should be added to everyone’s travel list. Just chat with Jimbo and Sammy and they’ll organise the trip of a lifetime for you.

lucy & brett, Australia