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What inspired us to create wedding zines® has now also inspired us to craft honeymoons: a good story. In your story of life, we’d love for a Bow & Arbour safarimoon to feature in your wedding planning.

Weddings are as much stories as they are celebrations and we adore them being told through wedding zines. And to us it was only logical we extend those stories, ergo honeymoons!

In authentic Bow & Arbour style we will not send you to places that are common. Our dream for you is bigger than that. We’d like your honeymoon to be transcendent in terms of what it does for your mind and new marriage. In short, we’ll send you to places your friends have not been. To places free of the commonalities you’ve grown weary of. To places you’ll return to.

We’ve started our safarimoon offering with itineraries focusing on six of our favourites: Victoria Falls, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. They’re all places with myriad experiences and eclectic cultures but in all cases we have chosen locations that will give you a balance of adventure, relaxation, culture, wildlife and of course, luxury.

It might sound confident, but all of our itineraries are once-in-a-lifetime in their nature and to cap off the feel-good factor, all profits from your honeymoon are donated to the Diwa Zambezi Conservation Fund. Shall we start planning?


Honeymoon in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe achieved independence in 1980 after the signing of the Lancaster House agreement in London. Things started well for the world’s newest country and Robert Mugabe’s first speech was noted for its magnanimity. The wrongs of the past were to be forgiven and Zimbabwe would forge ahead as an agricultural powerhouse. 

The unfortunately usual African story of corruption followed and Zimbabwe was forced to abandon its currency in 2008. Now trading using the US dollar, stability has been returned and Zimbabwe has once again opened its doors to honeymooners and safari-goers. In terms of its people, you’ll find Zimbabweans have a noticeable tenacity to ‘make a plan’ and ‘get things done’ no matter the obstacle. They are undoubtedly a people in love with their country and you’ll find your interactions will reflect this in no small measure. 

As home to lesser-known but premier national parks such as Mana Pools, Hwange and Gonarezhou, Zimbabwe combines quality and value seamlessly. Most of the country’s national parks contain at least one World Heritage Listed Site and you can expect to be arrested by incredible landscapes wherever you go. 

We’ve made things easy for you through our recommended stays below, but as a general guide, think along these lines: Hwange = most biodiverse national park in the world, Gonarezhou = the place of elephants, Mana Pools = where Sir David Attenborough’s Dynasties: Painted Wolves was filmed.


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Honeymoon Picks



Probably the most exclusive location in Hwange, and definitely one of the most productive in terms of wildlife sightings. Situated near the renowned Ngamo Plains, the camp overlooks a waterhole which is a magnet for all manner of animals seeking to quench their thirsts.

Linkwasha’s accommodation is an eclectic mix of contemporary international interiors and Ndebele culture. The nine luxurious permanent tents overlook the plain, making game viewing from the comfort of your private deck one of the most enticing activities here. The main communal area includes various multi-level decks, among them an inviting library replete with fireplace, and shaded salas surrounding an inviting pool. The nearby Star Bed looks onto a productive waterhole, making it an ideal haunt for honeymooners.

Continuing the conservation and sustainability focus, Linkwasha works closely with its non-profit partner, Children in the Wilderness, ensuring surrounding communities and schools benefit from the natural environment and sustainable ecotourism. As part of your stay you can enjoy a local village visit which often includes a guided tour of the school or participating in a community projects of some sort. What you do on your stay is totally up to you!

Combines well with Victoria Falls and Camp Amalinda below.


Presenting another jewel in Hwange’s crown: Camp Somalisa. Set in a private concession in the heart of Hwange National Park, which is known as ‘the land of the giants’ for its big elephant herds. Somalisa has become known for its habituated elephants which drink from the ‘elephant pool’ in front of camp, foreground to the breathtaking savannah plains beyond. 

Somalisa is a sustainability leader, with a noted solar effort, and a water recycling system that sees 80% recycled. In addition to a focus on sustainability, the camp oozes elegance and the seven sail tents comprise an outdoor shower, fireplace and slipper-style bathtub for your comfort and relaxation. The main deck area includes multiple levels housing a lounge and dining area, as well as a splash pool overlooking the “Elephant Pool”.

As with most of our recommendations, wildlife and conservation are a focus here, and you can expect to see elephant, kudu, sable antelope, zebra, wildebeest, gemsbok, the rare and endangered roan antelope, buffalo, giraffe, lion, leopard and hyena to name a few. 

If you’re in the area you have to visit Victoria Falls. From there you can go east to Mana Pools, or west to Botswana.


Maaa-Chikwenya-bagithi-baba… Sound familiar? Maybe Lion King familiar? Ok, we cheated, those aren’t really the lyrics but they fit nonetheless, for lions do walk the river plains of this place. Chikwenya has special personal significance for us and we have no doubt you’ll create your own memories here too. 

The 7-tented camp lies in a rich grove of albida and Natal mahogany trees, providing both shade and a picturesque outlook. Another bonus of having the albidas around is the shedding of their pods, which elephants are very inclined to feed on. 

Mana Pools is a tough one because between the interior and floodplain, you can easily spend a week here. But a good option to round up your honeymoon safari is Victoria Falls.


Mana Pools features once again, this time further away from the Zambezi River and nearer the Zambezi escarpment, a mountain range roughly 50km away. Kavinga’s private concession has a reputation for its predators and your chances of good lion, leopard and wild dog sightings are high. From time to time, our travellers have also had the privilege of witnessing cheetah in the dry Ruckomechi riverbed.

Kavinga’s 5 raised tents are perched atop the Ruckomechi River’s southern cliff face, with exquisite views of the waterhole below. In addition to the predators, you’re likely to encounter large buffalo and elephant herds as well. Each tent features all the trimmings of comfortable luxury, including an en suite bathroom, special safari surprises and an in-room beverage station.

Kavinga remains a personal favourite because of the intimacy of the camp, and for its commitment to conservation. In 2016 it assisted with the construction of the Nyakasikana anti-poaching base, the first coordinated anti-poaching effort in Mana Pools.

Combines well with Victoria Falls.

Camp Amalinda

Many people mention wanting to see wild rhinos on their honeymoon safari without realising just how difficult this has become due to the challenges facing the species. Their remain numerous intensive protection zones however, and many people committed to rhino conservation. Camp Amalinda, on the fringes of Matobo National Park, is one such place. 

Camp Amalinda offers all-inclusive luxury in an utterly unique granite setting. The Matobo Hills are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and your days here are spent exploring in the footsteps of Cecil John Rhodes and Mzilikazi, two names that will undoubtedly come up in our book recommendations for you. In addition to exploring the hills and absorbing the ancient rock art, you will be able to approach white rhinos on foot thereby completing your Big Five animal list. Other optional extra activities include spa treatments at Amalinda’s in-house facilities and cultural excursions to Ndebele villages. 

Oh, did we mention this place has quite the infinity pool?

Combines well with Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls.

Bow & Arbour Testimonial

Africa - I’ve got no words to describe it (maybe in Spanish will be easier for me to describe this experience), I’m still dreaming being there! You guys planned a one in lifetime itinerary for us, every place we were was so beautiful, all the little details… It was UNFORGETTABLE! - we want to go back, we will go back for sure! (I’m already thinking 3-5 years time or even earlier). I knew since the beginning that you were planning something amazing for us but it was a bit hard to believe because we are used to planning all our trips and never had an “agency” to do it for us. We thought that this destination definitely would have required experts. Thanks so much for everything, it was unforgettable and I feel like this is the beginning - we are definitely going back. 

victoria & james, Australia