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how we give back

There’s a place over in Zimbabwe and Zambia that’s pretty special to us, and we’ve dedicated much of our spare time to it over the last decade. It’s a place of immense natural grandeur and charm, where life feels magnified and the margins of existence widened by each day’s brimming expectations. If you ever wanted to feel small, breath deeply and try to make sense of the world, you’ll be able to here.

But as with many of our wild places, it is under threat. You probably know a bit about the plight of wildlife in Africa, and if you don’t, just know there is a very real chance of elephants becoming extinct in the wild in our lifetime. Rhinos are already pretty much there. Boom.

Diwa Zambezi is an eco-tour company and fundraising charity with an ultimate ambition to purchase a wilderness concession in Southern Africa with a view to operating it sustainably and for the benefit of Diwa’s members, be they Australian, Zimbabwean or anyone in between.

As founders of both Bow & Arbour and Diwa Zambezi, we believe in balancing profit with purpose, and conservation is our chosen cause. In the context of Bow & Arbour, you can be confident our paper is a mix of FSC and PEFC certified, our inks are biodegradable, we use tank water in our production process, we recycle all paper waste, our packaging is plastic-free and we contribute a portion of our profits to Diwa Zambezi, which is a deductible gift recipient (tax deductible) in Australia.

how to help

Follow us @diwazambezi, book that African honeymoon you’ve always dreamed of, attend one of our annual fundraisers, or make a small donation below.