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A wedding album deserves that special touch. How about arguably Australia’s finest calligrapher?

Jasmine Dowling Collaboration
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introducing our collaborator - jasmine dowling

We all have those people we look up to for one reason or another. For us, Jasmine is one of those. If you never have, you should visit her website and you’ll very quickly come to appreciate the craft and messaging in her work. In authentic creative fashion, she has made her passion her work, and it shows. But perhaps what’s most impressive about Jasmine is her willingness to educate and give of her precious little time.

Not surprisingly, and like us, Jasmine is a magazine aficionado and gleans creative inspiration from a variety of them. There is no right and wrong in design, just staying between the constantly evolving lines of your personal style. And as an award-winning creative, Jasmine consistently gets this right.

In a Bow & Arbour context, Jasmine provides an element of the unique through her hand-lettering of couple names. If you’re looking for a distinguishing factor on the cover your wedding zine®, we thoroughly recommend Jasmine’s work.