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Ah, the startup journey… What’s been so rewarding about establishing Bow & Arbour has been it’s ability to solve a problem couples have had for decades - how do I tangibly share my wedding photos without breaking the bank?!

Here at Bow & Arbour we’ll continue to innovate in the name of empowering couples to tell the story. So whenever something comes up, or someone wants to sit down and have a chat with us, we’ll keep you in the loop and share it here.


Bow & Arbour partners with NZ's Together Journal

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Tell the story of your wedding day with Bow & Arbour’s thoughtfully designed wedding zines (that’s short for magazine) and you’ll be able to share it with people in the months and years that follow. Together Journal and Bow & Arbour have an exclusive offer for all real wedding couples featured in print and online. Those who we feature will receive a voucher of 15% off their wedding zines. It’s a great incentive to order extra copies for family members, especially those who couldn’t be there on the day. Photographers who would like the opportunity to work with Bow & Arbour can get in touch to chat directly and for wholesale rates.

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