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Bow & Arbour Founders
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Our Founders

Wedding zines® were created because of a genuine need for something better when it came to a wedding album

James and Sammy were married in autumn 2015. It was one of those weddings people talked about for months afterward - the guests genuinely had a great time. Why? Quite a few quirks: Sammy’s Dad brewed the beer, groomsmen built the arbour and set the tables, the Ghanaian drummers targeted people with no rhythm, someone’s shawl caught fire during the sparkler exit, and James managed to tackle Sammy off the dance floor (softly of course!). Why are we telling you this? Because it’s the sort of stuff that should be shared for generations, and it was the motivator for us to conceive the wedding zine® concept.

Bow & Arbour Founder Sammy

sammy // the shiz

When it comes to the detail in design, Sammy is a perfectionist, which is great for you but annoying for Jimbo. But seriously, it is great for you, because your wedding zine® is in absolutely the best hands it can be.

A degree-qualified graphic designer, Sammy is less confused than Jimbo in that she’ll tell you numbers and words are not for her, but then again, she loves to walk up on elephants, so maybe she is a bit muddled…

Sammy is not a writer but she tore shreds off Jimbo when it came to the wedding cards. Apparently she loves Jimbo for his blue, sometimes grey eyes, and his nudie runs in the mornings (relax, just in the house people!). On a deeper level, she loves him as a protector of dreams and someone who challenges people to understand the whole - he reminds her to dream bigger, work harder and open her heart to the possibilities of life.

Why Bow & Arbour for Sammy? She is overjoyed that couples now have a meaningful way to tell their wedding story and share it with loved ones, especially those who so often miss out on sharing the memories after the big day. Granny and Grandpa, show that wedding zine off!

Bow & Arbour Founder James

james OR JIMBO // the biz

James is pretty confused. He’s turning 30 next year and Sammy has decided his birthday theme will be Your Version of Jimbo. If you knew him you’d understand why that theme is so befitting. In short, he’s a passionate wearer of many hats, one being Bow & Arbour. He’s trained as a Chartered Accountant, or CPA for the Americans, but thinks he’s a creative, and spends way too much time in Premiere Pro; we told you he was confused.

He loves Sammy because she’s just so fine, both in appearance and energetic spirit. As an outdoorsman, James is tough to follow around and Sammy has endured the extremes of freezing conditions in Alaska, and heatstroke on the Zambezi - and people will tell you she’s a trooper for it. More philosophically, James is consistently arrested by Sammy’s radiant character. In his wedding speech he uttered,

Sic itur ad astra - the motto of our high school, which means reach for the stars. Well, it seems I reached and, incredibly, managed to pluck the biggest and brightest one up there.’

Why Bow & Arbour for James? He knows the power of love, and a marriage is often its pinnacle. Every couple has an interesting story and James wants to see each and every one told.