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Revision Policy

Bow & Arbour’s policy concerning supply of digital wedding zine files for proofing and subsequent revisions before finalisation.

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revision policy

Bow & Arbour’s wedding zine® brand comprises a combined service/product offering. Weddings are a unique occasion and they call for a talented and committed supplier list. One of the first and most important decisions you’ll make is who will capture your day, followed by who will share it, which is where we come in.

Our conception of Bow & Arbour identified couples had not been involved in the decision-making process of compiling a wedding album. We have changed that. Part of what you’re paying for at Bow & Arbour is graphic design, and three small revisions are included in your investment with us.

BUT, before you respond with a raft of revisions, please remember we are degree-qualified graphic designers and experienced photographers. It goes without saying that the overall design of your wedding zine has been carefully considered and we have made a real effort to interpret your wedding day and tell your story. That careful consideration extends to image layout and curation, wording placement, colour coordination, image clarity and size - to name a few. Our recommendation is you limit your revisions and changes to major items only, so as not to disrupt the story line.

In this vein, we do not keep a list of photos not used in your design. This is contrary to the storytelling theme and we encourage you to view your wedding zine/album as a story rather than a showcase of every detail.

other things before you supply revisions

The proof file we have supplied in DropBox is low-resolution and may appear slightly pixelated - this is normal. We obviously can’t upload a high-resolution file because of the data involved, but your wedding zine print file is high resolution.

Double page spreads have also been carefully considered. Not all images work for them because a part of the image can get lost in the spine. Please remember this when suggesting photos for double page spreads: the detail in the centre of the photo may get lost in the spine.

We’re more than happy to make image adjustments, please just keep in mind that each spread (side-by-side page) is looked at as a whole design. So by suggesting to remove one image from a single page to create room for another single page later in the artwork will not work, aesthetically speaking.

If you would like to add foil, lettering or additional copies, please just ask and we'll send through an invoice accordingly.

Your cover concepts have been artfully curated so that both the front and back images work seamlessly together - think colours, location and details. Please note, if we have presented alternative options including either foil, lettering or both as extra considerations, that we have done so because in our opinion standard lettering is NOT visible enough on the image these have been displayed on.

All approved final artwork files are sent to print at the start of each week (Monday). This requires you getting your revisions through during the week to allow us enough time to get them made and sent back to you for approval before the end of the business week. If not, that’s not a problem, but your artwork will simply be added to the print run the following Monday.

While we don’t recommend rushing the revision process, we do kindly ask that you have your revisions back to us within 2 weeks of receiving them.


Email // A simple email with bullet points (referencing the pdf page number) outlining revisions works well; or

DropBox // You can mark up your comments within DropBox on the specific areas and pages you’d like revised with the ‘comment’ function.


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