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We know you’ve been dreaming of something bigger for your honeymoon - together, let’s make it a safarimoon!

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Travel has always been a big part of who we are. In 2013 we quit our jobs and hit the trail, starting in Boston, USA. We journeyed through 24 states before venturing north to Canada and eventually, Alaska. Those first three months inspired us to keep going and we ultimately spent 14 months travelling through nearly 50 countries.

By the end of it all, Africa had struck a special chord with us and we founded a wildlife conservation charity when we returned home. Since then we have been crafting travel dreams through our sister company, Diwa Zambezi. But there is something different about a honeymoon - it needs careful attention.

To be honest, it probably needs its own word - safarimoon! During 2018 we had the privilege of speaking with many brides and grooms planning their wedding and a few of them were yet to decide on a honeymoon location. That was enough for us to sew the seed and a few booked safaris with us, which got us thinking about launching the safarimoon brand with Bow & Arbour.

And so here you are, hopefully planning your wedding and dreaming of both wedding zines and a safarimoon. Naturally we’d like to help with both. Let’s chat :)