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Conventional wedding albums haven’t moved into the age of digital photography. Meet the wedding album that has - wedding zines®

Wedding Zines®
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Wedding zines® - telling the story of your wedding

We’re big fans of love stories. So much goes into them and they’re all so beautifully different. For us, our wedding was the climactic event in our love story, and we wanted our day to reflect that. Perhaps that’s what we all hope for when planning our wedding day.


Sometimes we document things well and sometimes we don’t. This is where weddings stand alone. We all invest so much in our wedding photography, and rightly so – it’s the highpoint of our love story remember! When vows and speeches have been said, and celebrations are done, our wedding photos are all that’s left to complement our memories. And one thing we collectively haven’t done well, is share those photos and memories after the big day.


We struggled to find a medium that really told our story and allowed us to share it meaningfully. For different reasons, conventional albums, photo books, social media and the like, just didn’t tick the boxes for us, and our search for something better continued…

Eventually we were struck with the idea of wedding zines®. They seemed to fill all of the gaps we’d found and so we set about refining our idea.

We have tried as best we can to make wedding zines affordable for you, without compromising on quality. A good way to think of value is in terms of price per copy - for example, 10 standard wedding zines will only cost you $190 per copy. And remember, there are multiple ways to include your family and friends in the process; if a custom payment plan doesn’t work for you, why not consider crowdfunding your wedding zines?!

Every wedding zine is professionally designed, with design revisions included in the price you pay. In short, we’ll never print a wedding zine you’re not 100% satisfied with – we’re all about bespoke and nothing is standard. Another attraction of wedding zines is that you can select any number of copies between 2 and 10, depending on your budget and how many you’d like to gift to family members.

Our wedding zines are printed in Australia using environmentally certified paper stocks, which are also archival, meaning your zines are intended to last. Selection of our paper stocks is a painstaking and ongoing process aimed at ensuring a refined and timeless aesthetic. With this in mind, we also coat our covers for longevity, but also so that they are pleasing to the touch.

Before we go, we’d like to share a few kind words from some of our customers. We’ve chosen these reviews because they don’t focus on what we said or did, but on how our wedding zines made them feel.

Bow & Arbour Testimonial

“Being a designer by trade, I was always sceptical and hesitant to spend money on a wedding album because so often they are poorly designed, poorly produced and they can come off cheesy. But we were blown away by the craft and care that’s put into Bow & Arbour’s zines. These are amazing coffee table pieces and we ordered them just in time to gift for the holidays to our family members. I would recommend B+A's zines to anyone looking to get their wedding photos printed. The process was beyond simple, and we couldn't be happier with the result product!!” 

Brad, USA

“I was absolutely blown away with my zines. Sammy, my main designer, was so responsive and has a clear eye for design and detail. Sammy took on my feedback in the draft phases and offered fantastic suggestions that took my zines to the next level. The layout and flow of the zine is so professional and creative. I love the choices Sammy made with our images - our wedding zine tells the story of the day so beautifully. Honestly, for me this is the biggest selling point of Bow & Arbour zines (aside from value for money - more on that below). As opposed to other 'regular' wedding photo albums that you have to order online and lay out yourself, they will make the creative design choices for you ensuring a quality product. Add to this the fact that the zine will incorporate quotes, song lyrics, your vows and other titbits so that you have a beautifully laid out 'story' of the day... and it's clear that B&A are in a league of their own. Now, on the point of value for money - yes, it is a decent amount to lay out initially for ten wedding zines. However, once you factor in that each of the zines will be a thoughtful present for parents, grandparents, siblings, aunties etc... AND you will likely be left with a couple of backup copies yourself... the value is second to none. I can't recommend Bow and Arbour wedding zines highly enough.”


“When all the ‘I dos’ are done, champagne is drunk and honeymoon glow gone, my photos are truly the most precious. Then to have them set out and complemented with all our vows, readings and speeches have made them shine in our wedding zine. Everyone who walks into our front door picks up the book to flick through it and I am reminded every day I walk out the door how much love I have in my life. Thank you Sammy.”