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Bow & Arbour shipping policies, terms and discount eligibility. Shipping wedding albums is a painstaking process, so we’ve provided this information for your benefit.

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We will fulfil your order and ship your wedding zines® within 3 weeks of digital file approval. Shipping charges are calculated based on a combination of location and weight. When considering shipping costs, please remember wedding zines are heavy - each copy almost 1kg to be exact.

We gladly ship internationally and our free shipping threshold of orders over $1,200 has been carefully considered. Please note this is an automatically applied discount based on the final value of your order, after discounts have been applied.

In the case of fancy deposits and other discounts, the final order value is the value after the fancy deposit or discount has been applied. For example, if you purchased a fancy deposit and then applied it for an order of 5 standard wedding zines, your order would not qualify for free shipping ($1,500 - $300 deposit - $200 discount) = $1,000.

Each Sunday, our wedding zines are lovingly wrapped and boxed by us into our specialty packaging. Once you have received your parcel, we recommend storing extra copies in the box provided. Where there are no spare copies, our environmentally conscious brain says that you should re-purpose our lovely boxes :)

Import duties and taxes do not apply on wedding zines for the majority of countries we ship to. That said, you may be liable for goods and services tax on importation (also known as VAT, or Sales Tax).


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